14th October 2014

Mothers’ Day

Most Mother’s Days are something that I look forward to. Nice brekky or lunch or something planned with the family…. Driving up the cost to visit my family, or an outdoor picnic with my husband Oscar’s family… It’s an opportunity to over-indulge in delicious food and sunshine!

This Mother’s Day I have even more to celebrate – the near arrival of our own child and my own entrance into motherhood! (8 weeks and very much counting)

I can definitely say that I have mostly enjoyed being pregnant and the journey thus far… It’s kinda cool to feel little feet and hands squiggling away… but the last couple of weeks have been hard work and I find myself slowing right down and my brain becoming more and more cloudy, doubts and worries are beginning to surface… I guess it’s to be expected.

I worry about my little flower shop, my other baby, and how I will manage both my business and our new family. It’s only an inkling of insight on what many mothers must struggle with each and everyday. It’s no small task. Many of us have our hands full rushing around with work and our own lives thinking how impossibly busy, busy, busy we all are! Mums manage to do all this and fit in time to feed, clothe and love the people that they have brought into this world… They worry about them, sacrifice their own time and energy for them…. for the rest of their lives!!!

This Mother’s Day, I have a new perspective. It’s not just about the sunshine and food…. It’s about really taking time and effort to say to my own Mum “Thanks… for everything…. (and how the f*@k did you do it?)”.