29th May 2016

Life & Love


How time flies… I honestly can’t believe it has been such a long time since I wrote a post. And I’m not really sure why I feel compelled to write something today. Perhaps it is the reflective mood I’m in…

I lot has happened in the last few months, well six months if I think about it. Last year we fell pregnant for the second time and whilst that is always an exciting time, it also has the inevitable fatigue and sickness to offset all that joy.

We also discovered that Chifley Plaza, where our shop was located, was to undergo major renovations, to the extent that we would no longer be able to trade (ripping out our ceiling – minor detail). So we finished our lease at Christmas and hauled everything out. It’s amazing just how much ‘stuff’ one collects over the years. Luckily for me, my wonderful husband and friends helped, and we have relocated to a temporary studio in St Leonards. It’s big and bright and has a beautiful view of the trees along the street. We will be comfortable here for the time being.

Then in the new year, just as we thought we were going to meet our new baby through ultrasound, sad news…. We lost our little baby to be. It’s a strange mix of emotions that you have… Mostly you just hope that they’ve got it all wrong. You hope and hope and yes, even pray, that you’ll be that small percentage. That smallest of small percentages, where the data is all wrong and in fact, everything will be fine. You’d even forgive them if they came back and said they’d mixed up your details with someone else. Unfortunately, that wasn’t our story. We did lose our little baby to be and it did take a few complications and a few months to get everything sorted out. All good now though…

Then there has been this week. My Mum has been complaining of a burning in the back of her legs for a few weeks. Finally she had it checked out. She had two major blood clots in each leg. One had completed stopped the blood flow to the lower section of her leg. I can’t tell you how lucky we are that the doctors got it in time. So, so, so lucky… I really can’t bear to think of how it might have been. Anyway, for me, it has meant running backwards and forwards to the hospital and spending time with her during her recovery after surgery. Texting and talking to family and friends and updating everyone on her status. And whilst it has been relatively sleepless, I don’t begrudge a second of it. It’s odd that it takes situations like this to really pull the family together. And we really have. We are so blessed that we have each other and that we all are able to show that we care.

And in the middle of all this I have continued to be a Mum to my beautiful (nearly) two year old little boy, Elvis, and run my ‘store’ and business. I won’t lie. It’s been a tough week. Two 14 hour days, wedding quotes, Saturday night catching up on bookwork and I’m about to start getting ready for our Monday corporate run. No rest for the wicked, they say… I say, no time to be wicked!

So what has this little catch up have to do with anything at all?? I guess it just makes you “get real”. It cuts through the daily clutter and really hones in on the important stuff. Makes you question why you are doing, what you are doing.¬†And in the end, there is always a simple answer. The things that we do in life, are the things that we love. Anything else is just unsustainable.

I love my family, I love being a Mum and I love running my little business. And I do everything I can to keep these all afloat. Sleep or no sleep.

So whatever it is that you are doing in this busy, instagram-facebook-filled world right now – Stop. Do you love it? If yes, then keep going! Life will only get bigger and better! If no, then why? There are just so many millions of other options out there.

You only get one life… Fill it with LOVE…